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I found the service provided by Aeris Dynamics has been excellent. It never cease to amaze me how far they will go for a customer. For example, they designed and produced for us a Cold Chain packaging solution (customised validated pallet shipper two to eight degree Celcius) within a month. Its’ after-sales services also proved excellent.

One competitive edge it has is their fast and reliable service – without commitment or obligation of any business. Basically, it’s the personal touch of the company’s innovators . While their pricing is competitive, I found the value offered by Aeris outstanding, the company can offer validated cold chain packaging solutions with competitive pricing even with small volumes.

The company has also proven in the past that it can deliver in spite of time and cost pressures. This augurs well for Aeris as regulatory authorities are getting increasingly focused on the efficiency of medication and temperature control during transportation is of the utmost importance to pharmaceutical companies. And all this must happen without the cost to the patient going up substantially. Going by their past performance I feel confident Aeris Dynamics can meet the challenge of providing cost effective temperature controlled packagings.

"Aeris' pricing is competitive, and I found the value offered by Aeris outstanding"
- Voo Jiunn Horng, AP Distribution Manager of a world leading pharmaceutical company


We consider Aeris Dynamics as one of our partners in Logistics especially in the Lifescience industry. The company has always been responsive and eager to support different types of businesses, for example, providing cold store solutions for packaging supplies to Taiwan and packaging solutions in Singapore. And you can count on Aeris to provide quick response for emergency requests. We rate their service level as ‘Excellent’. Products-wise Aeris also provides good Category B and dry ice packaging systems.

I think what makes them stand apart from their competitors is their responsiveness and how they are so customer-oriented. For example, they are able to provide combination solutions to our logistical needs in Singapore. In future, it would be good if Aeris can extend this type of combi-solutions (dry ice and packaging supply) to other Asian Pacific countries as well.

"You can count on Aeris to provide quick response for emergency requests"
- Ms Priscilla Teo Wyn, Industry Development Manager (Global DHL Express)


Aeris Dynamics is not only a professional supplier towards Abbott Laboratories cold chain logistical solution but also a valued service provider to our cold chain pharmaceutical products division in Shanghai. The quality of the Coolpod products are guaranteed by Aeris right up to the point it is delivered to our customers’ hands and the company provides excellent service.

Abbott started using Coolpod in the second quarter of 2009 and found it works quite well. Compared with other previous cold chain package solutions, the Coolpod maintains a longer and steadier internal temperature and shelf life.

We rate it (Aeris) service as ‘excellent’ because it does not end when they sell us the goods but just starts from there. Aeris supports us fully when we face any unexpected temperature excursion in our processes, by providing timely investigation and possible solutions.

Thanks to Aeris experience and knowledge in this field, instead of simply selling a cold chain box solution to Abbott, Aeris works with us to test the products, analyse environmental temperatures and tweak their performance. They even assisted us in setting up a Cold Chain SOP and educated our customer base to improve cold chain shipments.

We will be launching more cold chain pharmaceutical products in China in the coming years and anticipate demand for more Coolpads in this market will grow.

"Aeris service is excellent, it does not end when they sell us the goods."
- Teresa Tan, Logistics Specialist, ABBOTT Laboratories (China)


Aeris Dynamics plays a part in our Diploma in Supply Chain Management where students learn about how to manage the cold supply chain. This includes studies on the different types of insulation boxes and cooling refrigerants. 

Aeris is a willing partner in sharing their knowledge and expertise of cold packaging and has signed a Research Agreement with the Polytechnic to investigate the use of Phase Change Materials to improve the performance of their cold boxes.

The company has been very supportive of the student-learning events such as the Industrial Experience Programme by taking in student internships, final year projects and cold box design competitions. This includes not only providing sponsorships and prizes but also supply of their products. We are using mainly the RIB005 which is one of the better systems available in the market. We are glad we have them as a partner in developing the curriculum for our module in Cold Chain Management.

Most of all, they are very forthcoming and sincere in sharing their knowledge and are willing to contribute back to society through collaborating with the Polytechnic building up the base of skilled personnel for this industry. Plus, there will be increasing emphasis on regulations and handling of such temperature-sensitive products, thus, there will be even more opportunities for us to work with Aeris to come up with better solutions for this industry.

"Aeris is a willing partner in sharing their knowledge and expertise"
- Derek Ang, Academic Manager, Republic Polytechnic

Product Feedback

"We had put the DC007 (reusable shipper) in operation and so far, the temperature within the DC007 has been very stable and within the required range. The DC007 is rather sturdy as well and hence, it is suitable for our field of work."

"temperature ...... very stable and within the required range."
- Cheong, Pharmacist, Medi-Link Pte Ltd



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